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Frequently asked questions
Q.  How long is a session?
A.  Each session is approximately 1 hour long

Q.  How many sessions will I need?
A.  How many sessions you require will depend on you as an individual and what you wish to achieve.  For issues such as smoking and weight control, I generally recommend 3 sessions, but you are never under any obligation.  Please contact me if you wish further information.

Q.  What if I don't think I can be hypnotised?
A.  Yes, you probably can. I have had clients with this concern and they have been pleased to discover that they can be hypnotised.  There are many different levels of trance that can be achieved.  If you are in any doubt, please contact me.

Q.  Will I loose control?
A.  No.  Hypnosis is not about loosing control and it is not mind control.

Q.  Will you make me cluck like a chicken?
A.  Nope.  Definitely no clucking.  There is a difference between stage hypnosis and hypnotherapy.  A stage hypnotist is there to entertain.  As such they will always pick those volunteers who are capable of going into a deep level of trance very quickly, and who are willing to be a part of the show.  A hypnotherapist is only interested in helping you achieve your goals.

Q.  Can hypnosis help me?
A.  The list of what hypnosis can help people achieve is endless.  I offer hypnotherapy for most issues.  If you are considering hypnotherapy and what you want to achieve is not listed on this site, please contact me.

Q.  Does it really work?
Yes, and there are tens of thousands of medical and scientific research papers that attest to this.

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Frequently asked questions
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