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5 ways to reduce stress
1. Breathe
Yes I know.  You already are.  When stressed we can tend to breathe in the top area of our chest, this is shallow breathing and doing nothing to help you feel better.  What happens in your mind affects your body and what happens in your body affects your mind.  Deliberately slow your breathing rate and make sure you are taking a complete breath, filling up all of your lungs.  Take a few slow deep breaths and then let it all go.

2.  Will this matter next year or even next week?
When you are under stress sometimes it can help to take a realistic look at what you are feeling stressed about.  Is it worth being stressed about?  Some stuff is more important than others.  For example, being stuck in the traffic, will you actually care about this traffic jam next year?  Probably not, sometimes a bit of perspective can help.  If being stuck in traffic is stressful.....please refer tip 1.

3.  Take time out for you
We are human beings not human doings.  Even if you have a lot of things to get done, you will be a far more productive person when you are rested, happy and stress free.  Enjoy a hobby, take a bubble bath, meditate.  Sorry, but sitting in front of the television doesn't count.

4.  Exercise
Exercising has both physical and emotional benefits.  Find something you enjoy and don't worry if you are good at it.  Go for a walk in a park, at the beach or just around the block.  You'll be amazed at all of the things you don't see or notice when you drive your car, so take the time to notice things as you walk.  Join a gym, find a yoga class or go for a swim, no matter what you do it should be something you enjoy or you are less likely to stick with it.

5.  How am I feeling right now?
It sounds simple because it is.  Don't continue to ignore how you are feeling.  Check in with yourself regularly.  Throughout the day ask yourself if you are stressed and why.  Noticing how you feel is the first step to dealing with stress instead of letting it build up to a point where it affects your health and your life. could always contact me for a chat about how hypnotherapy, yoga, counselling, life coaching or meditation may be able to help you.

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5 ways to reduce stress
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