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What is stress?

There is good stress and there is bad stress.  Good stress can help to motivate us.  Bad stress can affect our health, relationships and our quality of life.  We can not always avoid stress, it is how we react and deal with stressful situations that counts.

Fight or Flight response

When we experience stress the fight or flight (or freeze) response is triggered.  this fight or flight response is important to our well being, helping to prepare our bodies for action when we are in danger.  Chemicals in our bodies react preparing us to run or fight.  Our heart beats faster, we breath faster and systems like our digestion will slow or stop so that our body can use all of our resources to make us ready for action.  All very important stuff when we are in danger.  We hear something behind the bushes and we perceive a threat to our safety, our body kicks into action to prepare us to fight that threat or to run away. Very clever!  Not so handy if the same response is triggered when we are behind the wheel of a car stuck in traffic, or faced with the boss when we would like to keep our job, so we are unable to fight or run.

You see, when the fight or flight response is triggered all those chemicals start to bounce around all over our bodies.  When you make the decision to fight or run, either action will use up those chemicals and your body will then return to a nice balanced state.  Unfortunately stuck in traffic or experiencing a stressful work sitation these hormones have got nowhere to go.  When this happens over and over again, this can have a negative impact on your physical, mental and emotional health.

How your health can be effected by stress

There are many ways in which stress can effect your life and each individual will experience stress differently.  Listed below are some possible effects of stress or conditions that may be aggrivated by it. 

Never ignore your health or the signals your body is sending you!  Always consult with your doctor about any concerns and receive regular check ups!  Meditation should never take the place of professional medical advice.

*  High blood pressure
*  Digestive problems
*  Weight issues
*  Heachaches (including migraines)
*  Lowered immunity to disease
*  Insomnia
*  Lethargy
*  Depression
*  Relationship issues
*  Muscular tention
................and many more

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What is stress?
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